Industry and energy

Impulse technology and development

With the mentality of making a committed company, prepared and service, and with some targets based on quality, MRM INGENIEROS S.L. seeks to provide a reality based on the same principles, but developed to provide a service mentality widely accepted by our customers.

Consulting company

We help to make profitable investments

MRM INGENIEROS S.L. offers its services to any person or entity, large, medium or small businesses, municipalities, public and private partnerships, public entities, associations.

Adding the technical skills of engineering and architecture of MRM ENGINEERS SL to design, capture the best idea and provide the right solution to our customers.

Engineering and architecture

We give practical and creative solutions to your project

MRM Ingenieros S.L. . adds value at every stage of a project, from preliminary studies to control construction and commissioning works, construction management and final reports, including the design at different stages. The quality of the projects and how to manage the works conform to the requirements for procurement of works, ensuring strict adherence to budgets, deadlines and quality.

"We relating to build your dreams"


MRM Ingenieros S.L. lprovides warranty service facility for projects (HVAC, sanitation, ventilation, energy performance certificates, newsletters BT, Power ...).

This service offers you a team of technical specialists to carry out any previous study.



We help our customers become more competitive by providing professional engineering services in design, calculation, simulation, modeling and giving the best solution to project your ideas.

MRM Ingenieros S.L. provides a complete service for processing documentation with the government, local, regional and national.


The professionalism, compliance and discipline applied to our team in every project have made us a leader confidence.

Our main guarantee is the quality and professionalism of a well done by a large team trying to offer the best service in every project work.


  edificacion publica

The Public Building Area aims to position the public sector as a national benchmark for Building Energy Efficient using clean technologies and building systems with the banner of sustainability, integrating renewable energy to protect the environment and help to save energy, making public administration serve as a stimulus to promote similar initiatives in the private sector.